There are desires that give us one of these embarrassing heats, that we can only pray so that our ardor will calm down. Not always easy, when "it" keeps you ... Knowing one or two "tricks" can be effective ... Like what, although addicted, it is possible to calm your libido.

He's a maverick, "" He shoots everything that moves, "" he's a mop. It cleans up everything in its path ”… What do we not say about men with an overactive libido, about these men victims of constant and lively desires. Unfaithful! Don Juan. Skirt-chaser. Qualifiers all the same heavy to assume. This ordeal has lasted too long, dear gentlemen.


It would be better to be careful what you eat. It is perhaps for this reason that a certain contemporary strongly maintains that "man is the belly and the lower abdomen". It's a bit trivial as a definition, but relevant. Do you imagine that ginger, cola, some sodas and alcohol can, in record time, multiply your desires? Powerful aphrodisiacs to make you sex freaks. Brushing your teeth well after consuming sweets is also required to avoid a real comeback. Otherwise, mint or soy can help ease your urges.


If there are things that in particular have the gift to put you in all your states, then it would be better to avoid them to limit the damage. It can be a pornographic magazine, erotic comments or a character from the small screen who causes fantasies in you, which suggest erotic ideas. The goal is to move away from what has a carnal connotation therefore to make a cure, in order to have pure ideas.


Of course you have to retreat a few times because fighting against your libido also happens in your head. It is therefore essential to take a step back from everything. Take care of a hike, reading, DIY ... What we often forget is that the partner also has a role to play when it comes to retaining the erotic flights of the other. We are talking here about cutting your partner's desire to do this again. It's still risky, but there is good…


Go in the shower, be slow in front of his languor. This just for a half or an hour, you will see that he will not really put any more heart into it.


It's a little unhealthy. Here, the goal is to break the mood for a specific moment. You can revive your spouse afterwards, although in this specific case, the risk is still great. If the other has a go-getter spirit, he could either redouble his ardor or simply go look elsewhere. FALL ASLEEP Falling asleep after the act can also be an option. A somewhat harsh option, but one that has effect, indeed. The goal is to be alone, to focus on something that will make you want to "crac crac" from tick to tick

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