Adele: the superstar loses 45 pounds - here's her secret revealed

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Eating a healthy diet helps keep you in good physical shape, said Adele, quoted by the Sun: the singer of the song Skyfall managed to lose about 45 pounds.

This diet is one of the worst, even threatening your health

British singer Adele, who recently lost 45 pounds, revealed that her secret lies in good food, reports the Sun. According to media reports, the artist refused to cook and started ordering healthy meals, her daily diet. not exceeding 1.700 kilocalories. In addition, she opted for low-carb foods and began to exercise regularly.

An example of a good meal

According to the source, Adele usually eats three times a day. In the morning, she can eat pancakes made with whole wheat flour or eggs, and for lunch and dinner a salad with turkey, salmon or chicken. In addition, she drinks a lot of water and eats fruit during the intervals.

As the Sun points out, her personal trainer stressed that her main motivation was the desire to improve her health after her pregnancy.


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