7 solutions to have a strong erection and give more pleasure

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7 solutions to have a strong erection and give more pleasure

Do you want a strong erection? When you first sleep with a woman, there is nothing more disappointing than a soft bandage. You think the woman you were going to sleep with is disappointed, but you are even more disappointed than she is.

The fact of not having an erection consumes you.

It happened to you once, but it's one time too many! And if you're used to breakdowns, if too often you can't bend hard, it puts you in a state of fear when you are going to sleep with a woman.

You are afraid of taking action, because deep down you would like to have a strong erection, you dream of bending like a bull.

You think you need help, take medication to be more enduring in bed... But you can do otherwise and have an erection that lasts naturally!

I deliver these 7 solutions to have a strong erection and give more pleasure to your partner during love.

Do you know the MMS joke? She explains that the sex life of a couple can be summed up in 3 letters: MMS. At 15 it's MMS, at 20 it's MMS, at 60 it's MMS…

That is to say ?

  • At 15 it's My Hand Only,
  • at 20 it’s Morning, Noon and Evening,
  • at 40 it’s Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday,
  • at 60 it’s in March in May and in September,
  • and at 80 it’s My Best Memories…

Enough of nonsense, even if for some sex it is morning noon and evening, others have erection concerns that spoil the whole experience of the couple.

According to an Ifop survey, erection problems are affecting more and more men. In fact, more than 6 in 10 men (61%) have already had erection problems, 17% more than in 2005.

And sometimes erection concerns come before the sixties.

33% of those under 35 have erectile problems, especially those who watch pornographic videos on a daily basis (55% of them).

Why do we suffer more from erection problems? (I'm not going to play it superman, I like you have already had “breakdowns”, and this before 35 years… wondering where my bar had gone)

Why is your erection not strong enough? The 5 causes

Having a weak erection handicaps you if you want to have sex for a long time.

You may be lucky to be able to penetrate your partner, but some men can not bend, even at least.

Here are the 5 causes that make you not bandage or have a strong erection.

# 1 porn abuse

55% of men who watch pornographic films or videos almost every day have erectile problems.

The fact of watching porn all the time lowers your libido, because you are exposed to ever harder videos, and when you find yourself in front of a normal person… you need dirty and your partner's “normality” is not enough for you.

Indeed, your brain is used to receiving dopamine (a molecule linked to your pleasure) when you watch porn, and having sex with someone no longer excites you.

Having sex with a woman is no longer satisfying for you, because you want to FUCK.

You want sex at the porn actor level. Unfortunately, few women are ready to fuck the way you want and act like porn actresses.

The normal bodies you see no longer excite you. Without dirty talk, impossible to bandage.

# 2 The cigarette: the deadly enemy of your erections

According to an article by Doctor Christian Rollini, head of clinic at the Geneva Psychosomatic Gynecology and Sexology Consultation, sexual arousal requires good blood supply.

Unfortunately for smokers, tobacco acts against blood circulation.

Indeed, the penis is irrigated by the blood vessels in order to accumulate the blood of your penis.

But smoking can clog your arteries, causing tissue to no longer flow optimally.

Tell yourself thata loss of 25% of blood flow already influences the quality of your erection.

In 2002, more than 2 men over the age of 000 were interviewed for an Italian study.

The results could show that the occurrence of problems is more frequent by 70% in smokers and 60% in former smokers.

Other factors combined with tobacco such as cholesterol or hypertension can reach the arteries and therefore cause sexual problems.

The cigarette is therefore clearly not the remedy of grandmother for you to bandage longer.

# 3 Alcohol: It Doesn't Help Bend Neither

You are in the evening, you drink a little too much, but you are lucky that a woman agrees to come back with you.

You both decide to go to your room, you undress (finally you try) and you start the foreplay.

Unfortunately Paupaul does as he pleases, it is the breakdown!

This is normal, because alcohol dehydrates your body, which lowers the volume of your blood.

For additional protection, alcohol increases the hormone associated with erectile dysfunction, angiotensin.

Once you have had more than two to three drinks, the hormone begins to work.

This is an American study conducted with more than 34 men which proves it.

The risk of developing erection problems increases from a consumption of more than 2 glasses of alcohol per day.

The trick to bend naturally is to drink in moderation! (and to have a rhythm “a glass of alcohol, a glass of water”, if you still want to make love on the way home from the evening)

# 4 stress

A survey by the Louis Harris Institute carried out in 2001 shows that stress has a bad influence on your sexuality.

4 in 10 men say that their stress influences their sexuality, and 86% of these men have less sex and have a decrease in desire.

In addition, in 29% of cases, stress is the cause of erectile dysfunction.

But it's not just outside stress that affects men. Fear of sexual failure is also a source of stress. And this fear of performance affects many men.

The solution is to regain self-confidence.

Learn to relax, by breathing, meditation, and you will be less and less stressed.

# 5 Obesity: the enemy of strong erections

Various studies by the National Health and Nutrition Program, the World Health Organization, and Public Health France, explain that 7 million French people are considered obese, or 15,7% of the adult population.

Since 1997, the obese population has doubled, and with it erectile dysfunction!

Obesity has an impact on erection.

First of all, obesity decreases the relaxation capacity of the corpora cavernosa, the two parts of the penis that are engorged with blood to achieve erection.

Then comes the problem of low hormones due to obesity. Effectively, decreasing the production of testosterone in the blood is a problem that decreases sexual desire.

Overweight also causes multiple illnesses. 6 in 10 men have concerns about hypertension, and I remind you that hypertension can cause erectile dysfunction.

But all is not lost for you if you are overweight! A study carried out on 110 men showed a very good erection improvement of 30% of them after having made two years of diet and increased physical activity.

So : work hard, train hard, no pain no gain. Several people in this case managed to get by by giving their maximum.

Work hard to fight your overweight, regain self-confidence, and regain the strength of your penis of yesteryear.

The dire consequences of too soft an erection

An erection that is too soft is not necessarily dangerous for your body, but it can be destructive on a psychological level.

We asked Jonathan, a reader of Art de Séduire, to explain his story of a former obese man:

"So ... I was 120 pounds, and I am 1,75m tall, so I was really overweight. I was lucky to have a very loving girlfriend who supported me until the end of my obesity.

When we slept together, when we tried, I always managed to bandage at first but it was a little soft. 1 minute passed and my dick was super soft. It frustrated me to the point of not being able to satisfy my girlfriend.

My girlfriend said it didn't matter, but deep down I could see she was disappointed that we can't really sleep together. I tried to make him have a good time otherwise ... with my fingers, taking pleasure in him cunnilingus.

But after 2 years, and I thank my girl for staying so long, I told myself that I had to change. I went to the gym, and I ate nutrition books (I didn't literally eat them, did I…), then I lost a lot of weight over a period of a year and a half.

Today I am 85 pounds, I continue bodybuilding, and I can finally enjoy making love with my girlfriend, it's pure happiness."

Indeed, too soft erection destroys your self-confidence, whether you are obese or not, smoker or not.

It is very difficult for a man to tell himself that he cannot have an erection. It is the primary goal of man: to procreate.

As you go along, you will tell yourself that you are not up to par, that there is no point in seducing women because you cannot bend.

Alors your confidence decreases, and you lock yourself into a spiral of sexual loneliness. You are even afraid of taking action with chicks, even when they are naked, because of your lack of sexual confidence.

Your love life is at 0, or your couple is slowly deteriorating, and you could fall into depression.

But you want to get better, that's why you are there.

You would like to know how to bandage naturally and for a long time. Fortunately, against erection problems, effective solutions exist.

Here are 7 solutions that could save you.

How to have a strong erection and kiss well? 7 solutions

# 1 Improve your lifestyle

THE basic solution to bend like a bull is to change your habits.

Have a healthy hygiene. I'm not telling you to eat organic, to exercise 7 days a week, but to approach it.

If your erectile dysfunction eats your life:

  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Stop smoking
  • Play sports at least once a week
  • Eat healthy.

Little pro tip: it's testosterone that makes you bandage naturally.

But what to eat to bandage harder? Start with broccoli, fish, eggs, cheese, seafood ...

The 5 remedies of grandmother to bandage well

# 2 Pomegranate and watermelon juice

Pomegranate and watermelon juice is the most delicious solution to improve your erection.

This flavor blend will allow you to improve your blood flow and increase your testosterone levels with pomegranate, then stimulate your blood vessels with watermelon.

# 3 ginger

The famous ginger, king of aphrodisiacs, facilitates the flow of blood to your penis.

Grate 40 grams of ginger and place the tips in a liter of water. Let diffuse approximately 3 hours.

Drink two glasses a day, and from 2 weeks you can see your libido increase and your erection improve.

# 4 Garlic and cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper helps the circulation of blood in your body. As for garlic, it dilates the blood vessels to improve the flow of your blood.

You just have to add them to your small dishes. But you can also eat them plain…

I advise you to take a mint candy right after. Smelling garlic during sex is not the most pleasant thing for your partner.

# 5 apple cider vinegar

Stop balsamic vinegar and wine vinegar. Choose apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar lowers cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Anything that influences the blood flow to your penis.

The effects of vinegar are felt a few days after taking a small dose.

# 6 Nuts and nuts

Nuts allow better erections.

Pound dry dates, pistachios, nuts, almonds to obtain a fine powder.

You can then mix your powder with water.

By consuming it regularly, you will get effective effects.

# 7 Consult a professional

Consult your doctor in any case.

Your erection problems could be a symptom of a more serious dysfunction of your arteries, your heart ...

If no natural solution works, your doctor may prescribe Viagra-type pills to help you have sex with your partner.

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