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A former agricultural worker, the Ivorian-Italian trade unionist has become an essential figure on the Peninsula. But Aboubakar Soumahoro still refuses to enter politics.

This May 21, Italians were called not to eat vegetables. An initiative launched by activist Aboubakar Soumahoro to draw the attention of public opinion to a category of invisible workers: agricultural workers. This Ivorian-Italian trade unionist, whose face is known throughout the country, is also behind a call for a general strike in the Italian fields, where thousands of migrants work for 3 euros an hour.

Often undocumented, confined daily to real ghettos installed far from cities, exploited by "corporals" - military rank used to designate their linked recruiters to organized crime -, they are an essential cog in the food supply of the country.

And, as such, they are considered "essential" by the government, which has decided, pandemic requires, to make them benefit from a "massive" regularization. However, this is granted subject to conditions: the duration of the exceptional residence permits granted does not exceed six months. And the criteria established by the decree signed on May 13 excludes, in fact, a good part of people in an irregular situation.

“At this time of health emergency, a doctor does not ask what are the origins, status or salary of the patient. He heals him. Similarly, the Italian State should have saved the whole community by granting a medical emergency residence permit for reasons of public health, and not with regard to the economic utility of these people, in order to allow any destitute in a situation of irregularity to be able to treat themselves ”, judge Aboubakar Soumahoro.

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