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Abdullahi Baba is one of the proud Africans who are building the continent's future. Passionate about results and tireless worker, the 66-year-old business manager throughout his career has stood out and made his mark in the cement industry. Managing Director of Dangoté Cement Cameroon since its creation, he has majestically hoisted the Nigerian multinational at the forefront in the production and marketing of cement.

Born in June 1954, Abdullahi Baba is a chemical engineer graduated from Ahmadou Belo University in Nigeria in 1978. He entered the cement industry in 1981. In 2002, he joined Dangote Cement. He continues to develop his expertise within an ambitious group which has only one dream, that of conquering Africa. His quality of management and his sense of results will make him one of the leaders of the company founded by the billionaire Aliko Dangote.

At the head of Dangote Cement since its launch in Cameroon in March 2015, the manager and his teams from the start of their activities will take the leadership of the Cameroonian cement market which before the arrival of Dangoté Cement was controlled by a single company. Since June 2015, the Nigerian multinational has maintained its leadership and continued its development with the creation for a second cement plant in Yaoundé.



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