We are human, and sometimes we want nothing. That we are not motivated to work, or even to do anything. It happens to all of us. So although sometimes only a day in bed or at home can perk us up. It also happens that we have deadlines and we have to motivate ourselves to be a minimum effective. Today I share with you some little attentions that can help you get back on your feet.

How to stay motivated on a daily basis?

1. Get up early

It is sometimes difficult, especially when the night has been short, I understand. But it is important to take the time to get up a little earlier than expected to take the time to emerge. Getting your ideas back, having a bite to eat, taking time ... Rather than waking up 20 minutes before leaving.

2. Eat a real breakfast

I have already told you in several articles but I will do it again because the reminder always benefits someone: you must take the time to eat breakfast. No industrial cake and a brick of juice, no, a real breakfast rich in vitamins. There are lots of delicious and healthy recipes that will fill you up until noon.

And if you don't want to prepare anything in the morning you can even prepare everything the day before. I'm thinking, for example, of porridge, which you can let sit overnight. Starting your day on an empty stomach or full of junk will not help you be fit and operational.

3. Optimize what surrounds you

Déjà your phone, because let's be honest we spend a lot of time on our phone. (Logical since we can do everything on it). Consider changing your wallpaper to something that will keep you motivated to achieve your goals. Whether it's a quote, a picture of what you want, where you want to go ...

Also make sure you love your surroundings. To feel good and comfortable. Personalize your decor to your taste, keep your living space clean ... The idea is that you are in the best possible conditions. So that you are inspired, creative and productive.

4. Keep an eye on your goals

Whether they are noted in your notebook, bullet journal, or on a board, whatever. The important thing is to have them within sight. You can separate your short-term and long-term goal lists. Achieving goals is very motivating and stimulating. Having a list of objectives to achieve in the following days or weeks will allow you to see that you are progressing. And even if you haven't reached your end goals, you're on your way.

5. Leave time to time

Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes we need to let go. Sometimes we need to take frequent breaks to avoid saturation. By taking time away from your worries or your daily life, you can refresh your mind. So don't hesitate to go out