Ministry of Transport and Urban Mobility: Minister Ly about to win the challenge of opening up

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After a year at the head of the Ministry of Transport and Urban Mobility, we can say that the Minister Ibrahim Abdoul Ly has accomplished a titanic work which is moreover a miracle. He found a solution to all the files. It was he who put an end to the long strike of the railway workers by paying all the back wages.

Head of the Department of Transport and Urban Mobility since April 2019, Minister Ibrahim Abdoul Ly inherited a catastrophic situation. It was thanks to his foresight that the delicate situation of railway workers who had even started a hunger strike was settled. The railway workers continued to collect their wages until December 31, 2019 before taking over the department, the rail transport was at a standstill. He put all his weight in the balance so that this vital means of transport so that the region of Kayes can revive and know its luster of yesteryear. He launched an order for 4 locomotives in the country of Uncle Sam which will be delivered by the company SATAREM in a grouping with the company DCG Dembele Commerce Générale SARL, the delivery file is already on the table of the Council of Ministers. A technical team had to go and receive the machines, but coronavirus requires, they will have to wait. Otherwise, at Bamako central station, he found only wrecked locomotives and wagons reminiscent of the train's beginnings in the American farwest. Proof that the populations of the railway line will soon smile, the stations of Toukoto and Mahina have been almost entirely renovated. A resident of Mahina who could not hold back his tears from emphasizing : "Minister Ly wiped our tears because soon activities will resume, between us and the railways it's a long story". Today, the department's ambition is to provide the Malian capital with state-of-the-art transport. A tram line project will soon see the light of day with the help of the company Métrobus. In the coming days, studies will be carried out for the installation of a cable car line that will link the valley of ignorance to the hill of power Koulouba. This initiative by Minister Ly is a first in Mali. Promise kept SKY Mali is no longer a dream but a reality. This airline, which is already operational, will serve the cities of Kayes Mopti, Gao, Timbuktu and the Beninese capital Cotonou. The company will extend its reach to other major cities in the sub-region. The CEO of the company has already been appointed in the person of Sandy Haidara. It has a fleet of 6 aircraft. Let us remember that Ly father Oumar Ly was a great clerk of the Modibo Keita regime, until his death, he remained straight in his boots to serve Mali. So like father, like son.

Mariam Samake

Source: Le Triomphe

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