Charles accused of having & # 039; waved privilege & # 039; on the faces of British people left without coronavirus tests

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After it appeared that prince Charles had tested positive for coronavirus, many were worried about the speed with which the royal could obtain a test which is not widely available for everyone. Writer and broadcaster Sonia Poulton told Dan Wootton of talkRADIO that there were disparities between those tested for COVID-19 and argued that the Prince of Wales should not have received one over the front-line staff, for example. She accused the Royal heir to the throne of "wielding his privilege" against the rest of the country.

Poulton told listeners, "By their own admission, he has mild symptoms and yet he passed these criteria for testing on the NHS.

"Now there are millions of people who will be eligible, no doubt, but why did he get priority?"

"Because he is Prince Charles and therefore his privilege counts even in the event of a pandemic.

"If you think of other people over the age of 70, they have to go to empty supermarkets ravaged by the shelves, they are much more vulnerable. "

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Prince Charles 'waving privilege' on the face of the British 'left to rot' without COVID-19 tests (Image: GETTY)

news from prince charles coronavirus news from the royal family

news from prince charles coronavirus news from the royal family (Image: TALKRADIO)

She continued, "He has already broken the rules by leaving Sunday for Balmoral, another country, England to Scotland, even though they admitted he was feeling bad this weekend.

"So how many more privileges does he want to face us?"

"I should say that I'm talking to you sitting in my pajamas, in bed."

"I am also bad, I isolate myself, I am not near the age of Prince Charles, thank God, but I would not dream of going out and disturbing our health services at this stage where I can take care by myself. "

news from prince charles coronavirus news from the royal family

news from prince charles coronavirus news from the royal family (Image: GETTY)

Robert Jobson, the royal editor of the Evening Standard responded and defended Charles, saying, "Of course there is a disparity, but they followed the procedures and they met the criteria of a man of over 71 and that's why it happened.

"You might also ask yourself: what is the reason people are tested?

"The reason they are tested is if they had the virus so that once

you find out if they got the virus, you can connect with the people they talked to in the past 14 days. "

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news from prince charles coronavirus news from the royal family


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He continued, "Well, one of those people he spoke to in the past 14 days was his mother, Her Majesty the Queen, the head of state, so I think it's imperative that he has been tested.

"If you just say he shouldn't be because he is the heir to the throne, I think that's ridiculous.

"The reason you are testing someone is whether or not they have the virus. He has the virus. "

Mr. Wootton also commented, "I know it is not necessarily Prince Charles' fault.

“But unfortunately, it has now become the poster for the privileged who are tested while the disadvantaged are left to rot. "

Clarence House confirmed on Wednesday in a statement that Prince Charles and his wife Camilla had been tested for coronavirus "the NHS of Aberdeenshire where they met the criteria for the tests".

Charles tested positive after "showing mild symptoms" while the Duchess of Cornwall tested negative.

The statement added: "In accordance with government and medical advice, the Prince and Duchess are now self-isolated at home in Scotland. "

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