Sources: Barça players reject offer to cut wages

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BarcelonaPlayers have rejected a proposal to drastically cut their wages as the club seeks ways to minimize the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, sources told ESPN.

Negotiations between the club captains and the board of directors are continuing. Sources said the players are ready to strike a blow to their wages but are not satisfied with the terms that have so far been suggested by the board.

There is friction between some players and some members of the board, which made negotiations difficult. However, we remain optimistic about reaching an agreement.

ESPN first revealed that Barcelona hoped to agree on temporary salary cut with the players last Friday following a videoconference between the members of the office. The reduction will apply not only to the first male team, but also to the other professional teams in the club, including the first female team and the basketball team, among others.

However, special attention is paid to the men's team, since their salaries represent around half of the club's annual budget. Players earn just over 500 million euros a year among themselves.

Barça, which is owned by its members and does not have the luxury of investing outside, fears that the coronavirus crisis will have serious repercussions on their finances.

The club is already losing revenue on match day, as well as money from the club museum, which attracts thousands of visitors each week. There is also now uncertainty as to what they will win in prizes and in television this season, with football across Europe being suspended. Other clubs have already announced pay cuts for gaming staff due to the spread of coronavirus. Borussia Dortmund is among those who confirm that the club's players will give up part of their salary to ease the financial pressure on the club.

Premier League leaders will also discuss the possibility of asking players to take salary deferrals when the top 20 clubs hold their next video conference on April 3, sources told ESPN.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi donated € 1 million to help overburdened healthcare systems cope with the coronavirus pandemic in Spain and Argentina.

Other Barça players also donated to the cause, including the goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen, which contributed part of the 2,5 million euros awarded by the German national team last week.

Spain is one of the most affected countries. The health ministry said on Tuesday that there are now more deaths in Spain (3) than anywhere else, except Italy. In total, there are almost 434 confirmed cases.

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