Queen & # 039; s & # 039; dream team & # 039; helping her and Prince Philip survive the quarantine of coronaviruses

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le Queen officially left London for Windsor Castle quarantines itself in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Her Majesty is joined by her husband Prince Philip and a selection of "key personnel". Royal commentator Angela Mollard revealed the people who made up the royal "dream team" on her Royals Podcast.

She told listeners, "So the Queen left last week from Buckingham Palace in Windsor.

"It's his residence not far from London, to be honest.

“She went there by car with two of her corgis.

"Prince Philip arrived from Sandringham by helicopter, so he is there with her. "

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Key staff of Queen's dream team helping her survive the coronavirus quarantine (Image: GETTY)

queen elizabeth ii news prince philip royal family

queen elizabeth ii news prince philip royal family (Image: GETTY)

Ms. Mollard continued, "But they have a key couple of staff with them, which I think is interesting.

“One is someone who has been with her for many years and whose name is Paul Whybrew.

"He is actually called" Tall Paul "because Paul Burrell, who worked for Diana, was called" Short Paul ".

“'Tall Paul' is the one who accompanied them to Windsor. "

queen elizabeth ii news prince philip royal family

queen elizabeth ii news prince philip royal family (Image: GETTY)

The royal expert added: "You may remember that in 1982 a man named Michael Fagan broke into Buckingham Palace and sat on the queen's bed while sleeping.

“Paul Whybrew was the man who managed this at the time, he was the one who calmed things down.

"The other person with them is Angela Kelly, the Queen's dresser. "

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queen elizabeth ii news prince philip royal family


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Ms. Mollard also said, "She published this beautiful book with incredibly insightful details about her time with the Queen.

“She exposed facts, like the fact that she breaks the queen's shoes because she is the same size.

"So she wears them first and the Queen wears them after she has softened them a bit." "

While the Queen and her husband distance themselves from Windsor, Prince Charles and Camilla did so in Balmoral, Scotland.

Clarence House announced that the Prince of Wales had tested positive for the coronavirus.

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