IPhone screen mirroring is now supported on select Dell laptops

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  • New Dell laptops can mirror the iPhone screen using the new Dell Mobile Connect app.
  • Announced at CES 2020, the app also lets you take calls and send text messages from your laptop, as well as check notifications and transfer certain types of files.
  • Dell Mobile Connect also works with Android and requires a relatively new laptop to get started.
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If you have both an iPhone and a Mac, you're probably taking advantage of a handy feature launched by Apple a few years ago to make it easier to switch between the two devices. Called continuity, the feature allows you to resume the work you started in certain applications, including the browser and Mail, on the other device. The function also allows you to take calls and send SMS directly to the Mac. Add to that fast wireless transfers and you end up with the type of multi-device interaction that isn't really available on Android.

Windows 10 supports Android mirroring, and Huawei implemented similar functionality on their devices last year. But Windows and Android come from two different companies and are not a natural pair. With that in mind, mirroring the iPhone on a Dell laptop running Windows 10 may seem just as unnatural. But now it is possible.

Announced at CES 2020, the functionality will be a first for Windows 10 devices, but also for iPhone. Using two versions of the Dell Mobile Connect app, one for Windows et one for iOS, you can see the iPhone screen on your Windows desktop and control it with your mouse. The functionality should come in handy when it comes to increasing productivity at work and giving you a way to respond quickly to messages.

In addition to displaying the iPhone screen, the application also allows you to answer calls and send and receive SMS and MMS directly from your laptop. However, there is no iMessage support.

The Dell Mobile Connect app will also display notifications on the phone and support wireless photo and video transfers between the two devices. You will be able to drag and drop files, but the functionality does not work with documents at this time. The feature mimics the Your Phone app that Microsoft created to allow similar control over Android phones and iPhones. However, your phone works better with Android devices than iOS devices - screen mirroring is not possible for iPhone on the Microsoft app.

You'll need a relatively new Dell or Alienware laptop to take advantage of the new feature, 2018 or later, as well as an iPhone that runs at least iOS 11. The feature works with Android, of course, when you download the even Dell (Alienware) Mobile Connect app from the Google Play Store.

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