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The rumor of a transfer from Memphis Depay to Lazio Rome is swelling in Italy, but the transalpine club may not be able to afford its ambitions in the transfer window.

Despite his serious knee injury, Memphis Depay had received an offer to extend from Olympique Lyonnais, Jean-Michel Aulas wishing to show the Dutch striker that he had confidence in him, when he only had one year left of contract to the former Mancunian. A proposal that has so far gone unanswered. But if a club wants to pick up the 26-year-old OL player, the Rhone president will not give a single gift and Jean-Michel Aulas has already shown in the past that he was rather the hard type in business. So even if Lazio Rome, currently second in Serie A and therefore virtually qualified for the next League championship, wants to advance their pawns for Memphis Depay, they will have to do better than currently.

according to FantaCalcio, the Roman leaders actually want to offer the Dutch striker Olympique Lyonnais, but for 30ME and not a euro more. An offer clearly at a discount, because we evoked an amount of 50ME to consider a departure from Memphis Depay of OL. So there is obviously a margin between the 30ME of Lazio Rome and the 50ME of Lyon, but it now seems certain that Olympique Lyonnais will probably have to manage an Italian offensive on the Dutch international during the summer transfer window. Unless by then Memphis Depay extends to OL and remains one more season.

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