#SecretsDeFamille # Episode77 - An explosion took place where the police thought they would find the girls. Hans had foreseen everything. …

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#FamilySecrets #episodexnumx - An explosion took place where the police think they find the girls. Hans had foreseen everything. An agent is dead, but the investigation continues. Antonio begins to believe that we want to eliminate him and he tries by all means to recover Julia. Casasus, the police chief, arrives and announces that the evidence will be seized and analyzed and that the crime scene must be reconstituted and the officers questioned, which does not fail to annoy the police station in mourning and full of work. Miguel Urrutia receives a summons to appear in court and meets Pablo when he presents himself. Diego offers Maité to go with him and Pablo. Manuel, who has followed Pablo because of suspicions about the drug, thinks that it is linked to the death of Ignacio and asks Loreto if he can search the trail: she accepts. Clara receives a phone call from Suzy who agrees to see her alone. Clara informs Loreto of this appointment, which does not escape the ears of Antonio who will use the location of Suzy near Hans to find Julia. Hans is uncompromising and threatens to kill Julia if he does not have the information. See you later for a new episode of Family Secrets on Novelas TV !


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