Union Berlin players forgo wages during layoff

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Union Berlin players agreed to skip their wages after the Bundesliga club said the coronavirus pandemic shutdown had left them in "an extraordinary and difficult situation".

Like football around the world, the Bundesliga has been suspended due to the global health crisis, depriving clubs of much of their income for months.

"The football team of the first team has agreed to give up their salaries", the club said in a statement Wednesday, but he did not specify how long it would last.

"Club officers and employees have also accepted part-time work agreements, which will also lead to salary cuts. At the same time, we unite to prepare for a full-time resumption of Bundesliga operations at any time. "

Union Berlin was based in former East Germany, entered the third level after German reunification and was promoted to the Bundesliga for the first time last season.

Club president Dirk Zingler called the situation exceptional.

“The goal of our club is football. If it ceases to exist, it will go to the heart of our existence, ”he said.

“The management, our staff, the team and the staff behind the scenes have worked hard in recent months to ensure the success of the Bundesliga. Now they are giving a lot of money to get through this crisis together. "

Union Berlin had a respectable first season in the Bundesliga and is 11th in the 18 team standings with 30 points in 25 games.

This article appeared first (in English) on http://espn.com/soccer/fc-union-berlin/story/4078542/union-berlin-players-forgo-wages-during-bundesliga-stoppage-due-to-coronavirus

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