Recruitment of Special Affairs Collection Officers

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Recruitment of Special Affairs Collection Officers

Business sector: Banking, Insurance, Finance
Creation date
Number of positions: 1
Position level: Confirmed / Experienced
Type: Permanent

Societe Generale Cameroon Cameroon



Societe Generale Cameroon is looking for a "Special Affairs Collection Officer" for its Risk Department
The main tasks of the Recovery Specialist will be:
 Manage difficult CLIPRO and CORPORATE (CLICOM) files (having at least 1 unpaid from the 15th day of late payment or having no credit movements for 3 months), while guaranteeing the quality of customer relations and contributing to the commercial development of the bank by controlling the cost of risk;
 Assist the CCLs in negotiations by going down to sites in order to facilitate decision-making in the management of the files of companies that are difficult or in difficulty, having frozen commitments and accumulated unpaid debts;
 Ensure the follow-up of the files entrusted to it;
 Work on the restructuring of the files and receivables entrusted to it, in accordance with the rules of Société Générale;
 Contribute to the definition and implementation of changes in the business of amicable recovery of outstanding payments from Business Customers;
 Execute any other task requested by its Line Manager, within the limits of its competence.
For this position of 10ème category, the holder will be responsible for:
 Commercial
o Ensure synergy with CCL CLIPRO / CLICOM in the management of Business Customers;
o Assist the CLIPRO / CLICOM CCLs in negotiations with clients in difficulty and difficult clients, and support them on the sites by providing their expertise;
o Attend the weekly and monthly CLIPRO / CLICOM Committees.
 Risks
o Proceed to the amicable recovery of frozen and unpaid commitments from business customers;
o Conduct negotiations with clients, while proposing suitable collection solutions;
o Participate in the negotiation of legal documents related to the restructuring;
o Prepare the updates of the restructured credit requests submitted to the credit committee for decision according to the mode of intervention;
o Ensure the implementation of restructured loans;
o Provide legal and financial advice, expertise on all assigned files;
o Propose, coordinate and implement strategies to optimize collection for the bank;
o Make provision recommendations to the provisions committee;
o Assess the interest of selling the receivable on the secondary market for the bank;
o Work with the internal legal team on any subject of legal proceedings.
 Management
o Use the MERCI tool daily in amicable recovery;
o Manage its allocated monitoring portfolio daily;
o Reporting performance in collection tools;
o Transfer clients to Litigation;
o Prepare reports and participate in committees;
o Share and share best practices within the service and the Bank.
Business skills
 Mastery of interview negotiation techniques with clients;
 Mastery of financial analysis, restructuring and modeling;
 Very good editorial quality;
 Knowledge of collection procedures and banking products;
 Basic knowledge of contracts, bank guarantees and collective procedures;
 Handling of recovery tools (THANKS SOFT, AMPLITUDE, Excel tracking table, recovery, etc.);
 Knowledge of IFRS standards;
 Management of deadlines;
 Elements of banking law;
 Restructuring of customer commitments;
 Sense of risk.
Behavioral Skills
 Integrity
 Proactivity
 Customer and result oriented
 Relational ease
 Team spirit
 Commitment
Candidate Profile
 Minimum BAC +4/5 in Banking or Finance, accounting or any other equivalent discipline
 Minimum five (05) years of professional experience in a banking institution as Chargé d'Affaires of the Large companies, small and medium enterprises markets.
 Experience in an amicable collection position in the banking field would be an asset
 Analysis and resolution of difficult engagement situations.
Deadline for receipt of applications: Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 17 p.m.
NB. Only the selected candidates will be invited later.

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