Aging: scientists study fish capable of stopping it

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Will a fish be the key to eternal youth? American scientists have studied the kili, a species capable of stopping its aging for several months.

Will we ever be able to stop our aging? If this scenario is science fiction for the moment, the study published at the end of February in the journal Science tackles the subject, as reported Le Parisien. She is interested in a fish found in African ponds, the kili turquoise, and which can go into “diapause”, a phenomenon which allows her to “suspend” her life for several months when the ponds in which he lives are dry.

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The scientists therefore studied the set of genes and the protein that contribute to this phenomenon, namely the Polycomb complex and the CBX7 produced in large quantities.

A phenomenon of "pause" that we can reproduce?

"Activating a diapause-like condition in certain adult tissues or cells could help preserve them in the long term," said Anne Brunet, one of the study's authors in the Guardian. According to the researchers, this faculty "could extend to other organisms or to longevity".

It is not yet possible to stop aging at present, but the study's authors are trying to "understand how the accumulation of time-related damage could be stopped or stopped" in order to de use it to heal organs.

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