Sometimes it is not the desire that you lack but the energy. And as it seems “who can do the most, can do the least”, it does not hurt to ease off from time to time. Or both at the same time. Because you may want to climb the curtains without making too much effort, here are three Kamasutra positions for supporters of the least effort.

Kamasutra positions for lazy people

  • The folding chair

First position for lazy people? The folding chair. Both comfortable and pleasant, this position will require your partner to take matters into their own hands. This position - accessible to all, as long as one is a minimum foldable - will be praised by people "flexible". Little more for always more fun (and nonchalance)? Place cushions under your head.

  • The free goddess

Free in his head, free under the duvet! Second position for lazy people: the free goddess of course. Lying on your stomach, legs outstretched, this position does not have much acrobatic. You will simply have to wait for your partner to come between your thighs. Little more ? For more pleasure, your partner can indulge in a massage during your lovemaking

  • The inverted swing

Does it rock in your bed? Thanks to this third position for the lazy that is the inverted swing, nothing more normal. Still on your stomach, you will once again have to rely on your partner to lead the dance.

These three positions of Kamasutra are based on penetration. Not necessarily to everyone's taste, you can choose for example oral sex: lying on your back, your partner can indulge in cunnilingus. Laziness and pleasure combine perfectly once again.