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PUNE: The union Cabinet approved a landmark bill for the well-being of Women in the country - the draft law 2020 on the regulation on assisted reproduction technologies. This follows the introduction in Parliament of the 2020 bill on the regulation on surrogate motherhood and the approval of the 2020 bill amending the medical termination of pregnancy. These legislative measures are revolutionary steps to protect women's reproductive rights, according to officials from government.
According to sources, once the bill is passed by parliament, the Central The government will notify the date of entry into force of the law. Consequently, the National Council will be formed. "The National Council establishes a code of conduct to be observed by people working in clinics, to set the minimum standards of physical infrastructure, laboratory and diagnostic equipment and specialized manpower to be employed by clinics and the banks indicate the release of the government.
The states and territories of the Union will form councils of state and state authorities within three months of notification by the central government. The State Council is responsible for following the policies and plans established by the National Council of State Clinics and Banks. The bill also provides for the National Registry and Registration Authority to maintain a central database and assist the National Council in its operation. The bill also proposes severe sanctions for those who practice sex selection, the sale of human embryos or gametes, the management of agencies / rackets / organizations for such illegal practices. The main benefit of the law would be to regulate assisted reproductive technology services in the country. As a result, infertile couples will be more assured / confident of ethical practices in ART, the union government statement said.
Assisted Reproduction Technologies Regulation Bill 2020 is the most recent in a series of laws approved by the Union Cabinet to protect and safeguard women's reproductive rights. The bill provides for the safe and ethical practice of assisted reproductive technology services in the country. Through the bill, the National Council, state councils, the national registry and state registration authorities will regulate and supervise assisted reproduction clinics and assisted reproduction technology banks, respectively.

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