Queen entrusts "prestigious" roles to Prince William to Charles to prepare the Duke for the throne

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le Queen has been Britain's oldest monarch in history, reigning over the country and leading the Commonwealth for over 67 years since she inherited her father's throne in 1952. As she began to reduce it Royal commitments, she gave patronage to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. As well, Prince William took "high level" royal events above the heir, prince Charles.

Speaking on the ROYALS podcast, Ms. Mollard said, "One of those charities she recently donated to Kate, who is the patron of the family charity, detained her for 65 years.

"It's been a long time, right? »Work with pride for an organization and be present every year, probably several times a year.

“There is so much work that we never see when they collect commitments and look at who has done the most work.

“It depends on when we see them or when they attend an event.

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queen elizabeth ii news prince william

The Queen is the oldest British monarch in history (Image: GETTY)

prince william crown prince charles

Prince William took 'high profile' royal events above Charles (Image: GETTY)

"She passed that one over to Kate and I think we'll see a lot more.

"In fact, many members of the royal family will step up this year.

“We have already seen it with Charles.

“We have seen William at much more publicized events, many international trips, especially to countries that need a little care and attention.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

Kate also took one of the Queen's sponsorships (Image: GETTY)

“Maybe not the happy countries like Canada or Australia but the more complex countries where there is more political unrest.

"I think that the fact that William is doing more suggests that he's really going. "

Prince William and Kate visited Pakistan in October 2019 when their "most complex" royal tour to date has been hailed.

While Charles was touring the UK with Camilla.

This comes as broadcaster Sherrie Hewson said the Queen would choose to bypass Prince Charles at the head of the line in favor of her grandson, Prince William.


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Line of succession

Line of succession (Image: EXPRESS)

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Ms. Hewson rejected this suggestion because she insisted that the Queen remain on the throne "as long as she wishes" before passing the crown to Prince William's grandson.

When asked if the Queen should abdicate, Ms. Hewson said to Jeremy Vine on the 5th: "Absolutely not.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I think everyone, even if you are not a royalist, adores the queen.

"They love her, they think she's been there for 67 years - four years older than Queen Victoria. "

She continued, "And I think she deserves to be there as long as she wants. The time will come, of course, that she will pass it on and I think it will be Prince William. "

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