Pontivy: here are the 33 faces on the list of outgoing mayor Christine Le Strat

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Christine Le Strat, outgoing mayor of Pontivy (Morbihan), and head of the Pontivy list above all, revealed, on Thursday, February 13, the names of his co-listiers

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The Pontivy list above all, led by Christine Le Strat, outgoing mayor of Pontivy (Morbihan), in full.
The Pontivy list above all, led by Christine Le Strat, outgoing mayor of Pontivy (Morbihan), in full. (© DR)

Christine Le Strat, outgoing Modem mayor of Pontivy (Morbihan) unveiled, this Thursday, February 13, 2020, the names of its co-listiers.

The list, titled Pontivy above all, has 33 names, with an average age of 49 years.

This list includes sixteen outgoing elected officials.

Here is the list (in alphabetical order):

  • Christine Le Strat, 64, general manager of retirement services (Château-Gaillard district).
  • Philippe Amourette, 64, retired chief public finance controller, outgoing municipal councilor (Bellevue district).
  • Marie Bancel, 34, stay-at-home mom (Le Resto-Bolumet).
  • Véronique Carrée, 47, property manager (Tréleau).
  • Catherine Charrier, 65, retired teacher (Tréleau).
  • Alice conan, 33, IT consultant (Pigeon-blanc).
  • Veronique Delmouly, 51, engineer (Tréleau).
  • Jean-Luc Demars, 43, agricultural engineer (Talcoët).
  • Chantal Gastineau, 47, health executive, outgoing municipal councilor (Touldouar).
  • Annie guillemot, 66, retired nurse, outgoing municipal councilor (Kerjalotte).
  • Nathalie Guillemot, 46 years old, sedentary commercial (Kerentrée).
  • Michel Guillemot, 55, employee of printing works, outgoing municipal councilor (Stival).
  • Eric Guillermic, 57, engineer in charge of communication (Bolumet).
  • Georges-Yves Guillot, 47, food worker, outgoing municipal councilor (Four-à-Chaux).
  • Benoît jacques, 29, sales representative (downtown).
  • Florence Jan, 56 years old, nurse (Stival).
  • Michel Jarnigon, 66, retired teacher, outgoing assistant (Château-Gaillard).
  • Herve Jestin, 48, insurer for professionals in the banking sector, outgoing city councilor (downtown).
  • Emmanuelle Le Brigand, 56, notary clerk, outgoing municipal councilor (Tréleau).
  • Gabriel Le Bris, 41, plastic worker (La Houssaye).
  • Jean-Pierre Le Clainche, 62, principal of a public college (city center).
  • Paul Le Guernic, 26, lawyer, outgoing municipal councilor (Four-à-Chaux).
  • Maxime Le Lu, 29 years old, responsible for a design office (downtown).
  • Alexandra Le Ny, 47, mortgage broker, outgoing assistant (Kermadeleine).
  • Philippe Le Ruyet, 51 years old, animal nutrition engineer (Kergrosé).
  • Maryvonne Le Tutour, 58, commercial employee, outgoing city councilor (downtown).
  • Meltide Leprévost, 48, secretary (Kerjalotte).
  • Yann Lorcy, 58, mission manager in accounting, outgoing assistant (downtown).
  • Julie mingam, 43, co-manager of PME (Bellevue).
  • Francois-Denis Mouhaou, 61, teacher in agricultural lycée, outgoing assistant (Four-à-Chaux).
  • Anne Peran, 19, student (Château-Gaillard).
  • Alain Pierre, 53, sales manager, outgoing city councilor (Kergrosé).
  • Claudine Rault, 64, retired accountant, outgoing municipal councilor (Four-à-Chaux).

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