Jacques Martin: his son David talks about the “modest” amount of his father's inheritance (VIDEO)

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Thousands of children "Great" that Jacques Martin left in mourning. In 2007, the famous host died at the age of 74 years after months of fighting a generalized cancer leaving behind millions of viewers in sadness but also his eight children: David and Elise, born of his relationship with Annie Lefèvre, Frédéric and Jean-Baptiste, born of his love for Daniele Evenou, Judith and Jeanne-Marie, born from her marriage to Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz and finally Juliette and Clovis, born from his last love with Céline Boisson. It is therefore at eight that the children of Jacques Martin must have shared his inheritance. As his elder confided on the set of The Luxury Moment at Non Stop People on Friday, February 14, the legendary TV host left them an amount " very modest ".

"Luckily, with ups and downs too, I don't necessarily need these pennies, told David Martin. It was a very modest legacy, it's not a billion euros. " Very sincere, the one we find at the theater in Ciel, ma Mère-Mère ”revealed the exact amount of his illustrious father's inheritance. "It's a little over 100.000 euros, did he assure on No Stop People. (…) First of all, there are eight children, so one part of inheritance out of eight is one thing. Money is not a taboo subject. " He continued : “These are not indecent sums. You have enough to buy a house and it's already a lot ». Animator Jordan de Luxe tried to find out more. "Well it's 200, 300.000 euros what", he asked him before he answered: " A bit more. I have made more money by doing my job ”.

David Martin spoke of his "worried dad"

The 28 last November, David Martin was the guest ofAnne Roumanoff in the show It feels good. The opportunity for him to discuss his relationship with Jacques Martin but also with his brothers and sisters. “There are eight of us, from four women. So the first, on me yes all his anxieties crystallized. I sucked in school and he said his son was going to study, no luck, told David Martin. (…) He's a dad. A dad worried about what would become of his son. When I chose the kitchen he was rather proud of it. " Born in August 1961, David Martin ran a restaurant in Boulogne Billancourt. But like his father, the son of Jacques Martin has also made its ranges on the small screen. He notably presented the Loto draws on France Télévisions and was involved in Télématin.

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