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Michael Schur, one of the most successful television broadcasters of the past decade, chatted with The daily beast recently as part of a podcast interview that at one point came to the notion of a possible restart of Office.

Schur, if you didn't know, worked as a writer and actor (portraying the sullen cousin of Dwight Schrute) for the beloved NBC comedy that spanned nine seasons. And while the idea of ​​a reboot resurfaces from time to time, Schur said it will largely depend on the blessing of creator Greg Daniels. But here's the problem - the fact that Schur was asked the question reflects the fact that the fandom around the series is still going strong, as also evidenced by the fact that two stars (real best friends Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer) recently launched a podcast called Office Ladies in which they return each episode and share stories about them. Speaking of reviewing the series, Netflix subscribers only have until the end of this year to do so, as the series exits the streamer and joins NBC's new Peacock service in 2021.

However, thanks to a fantastic ITunes Sale, you can get your hands on the full series (Season 1-9) now from Apple for just $ 29,99.

That's a big drop from the regular price of around $ 70. If you prefer physical media, Amazon is also now offering a sale on the full DVD version of the series. There is currently $ 49,99, down $ 79,98.

Buying the complete series you love may seem like a big or even rare expense in the streaming age, but it is worth it here and there for your favorite series as the streaming world continues to divide and divide. balkanize into a million different factions. Whether you choose a digital or DVD version of a series like Office, At least, you won't have to wonder what will be its ultimate fate - something fans increasingly face as programs move and unwind from one streamer to another.

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