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After the annual Oscar nominations are published, there are still some glaring omissions that stand out and list the Academy's biggest snobs this year. This year is no different, even if Monday morning revelation nominees before the 92nd Academy Awards (to be held on February 9) provides a worker-like glimpse of some of the film industry's notable achievements in the past year, you might say there seems to be a little more head-forgetfulness and confusing snobs as usual.

Snobs like Adam Sandler denied nomination for portrait of shady jeweler making his way over his head in A24 Uncut gems. Even with Frozen 2, Released in November, which brought back beloved characters like Elsa, Anna and Olaf associated with a great story and memorable songs. The film is the most profitable animated film of all time - yet somehow didn't he deserve a nomination in the best animation category this year?

There was, of course, a lot this year that was predictable, from Joaquin Phoenix Joker pick up a series of nominations (11) at nods for The Irishman, Once upon a time in Hollywood et 1917. As we said, however, snobs were just as predictable, in their own way, although some of them seemed a bit more indefensible this year. Below we will walk through what we believe to be among the most important.

Adam Sandler, for Uncut gems: This one will appear at the top of the list of the biggest snobs of this year or almost. Maybe the movie was too pissed off? It included, for example, the seventh F-bomb in the history of cinema. Still, it came out in December and sparked a ton of buzz during the holiday season for movies. Sandler's performance as jeweler Howard Ratner is one of the best, if not the best, of his career. He's maniac, fleshy and memorable, and it's a shame he wasn't nominated for the best actor.

Frozen 2: How this continues to be one of the most profitable animated films of all time, and yet fails to get the best animation sign this time, is beyond me. To twist the knife even more, the film still has enough box office sales to do it one of the biggest income films all time.

Greta Gerwig, for Little woman: It is unfortunate that the category of best directors this time presents all men. Not because the administrators of P, Joker, Once upon a time in Hollywood, 1917, and The Irishman weren't worthy, but Greta Gerwig certainly deserved a nod for her leadership of Little woman. The film was not completely overlooked, as it won half a dozen nominations, but Gerwig is the one who turned this adaptation of the classic novel into one that modern audiences can appreciate while honoring the story itself , and it should have been recognized as such.

George MacKay, for 1917: There's a little Tom Hanks /castaway part of George MacKay's performance in director Sam Mendes 1917's drama, which was shot to give the appearance of a single, continuous take that takes place in real time. MacKay has to carry a good part of the film on his shoulder, and if you're going to see it (and you should!), You'll see what we mean. We can't say much more without spoiling things, but another shame here.

Jennifer Lopez, for hustlers: That the academy ignored Jennifer Lopez for her performance as a New York stripper falls into the same bucket as Sandler's posh. Both are the best career laps for each actor, and hustlers has raised over $ 100 million at the box office, in large part due to J Lo's depiction of a stripper jostling his clients - always on the hunt for the next big score, like Sandler's jeweler.

Taron Egerton, for Rocketman: Here is the problem, for me, with Taron Egerton being passed for a wink of the best actor for his representation of Elton John in the Rocketman biopic. Last year, Rami Malek gave us a similar performance (depicting Queen's Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody), except that he synchronized everything on the lips. In this case, however, Taron actually sang Elton's song in the film, so shouldn't that have been ahead of him?

Awkwafina, for The farewell: This is perhaps the most forgivable of snubs, but it is nevertheless a snub. The film was a critical sweetheart, and Awkwafina has already won a Golden Globe, but maybe his performance was too… moderate for Oscar voters? This has certainly been mastered for Awkwafina herself, who has buried all of her typical manic energy to give us a performance of exquisite emotional scale and depth.

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