Activate and use the new Windows 10 multiple clipboard

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Thanks to the recent history function, the Windows 10 Clipboard can now memorize several items simultaneously. Convenient to avoid juggling copy and paste!

A modern paperweight

Everyone knows the principle of the Clipboard on a computer, explained in detail in this Factsheet. It is a buffer that allows you to temporarily store an element - text, image, link, etc. - to duplicate it.

In practice, to use it under Windows, it is enough to copy a portion of text on a Web page, for example - via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C or right click and the option Copier - then paste it into a Word document - via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V or right click and the option Coller. Extremely simple handling, which provides multiple services on a daily basis, and which works with many types of elements and software - word processing, web browser, graphical tool, messaging, etc.

Until recently, however, the Windows Clipboard suffered from one real flaw - common to other operating systems: it could only hold one item at a time. Clearly, each new element copied chased the previous one from the buffer; thus forcing to repeat the manipulation as many times as necessary.

This is no longer the case today. Since version 1809 of Windows 10 - the update released at the end of 2018 -, it is possible to have several elements coexist in the Clipboard. And use them at will! A real asset that we owe to the history of the Clipboard, a function present as standard, but disabled by default.

Here is what you need to know to activate and use it.

Activate history

  • In the System settings window, scroll down and click Clipboard, in the left column.

  • In the central part of the window, drag the cursor in the zone Clipboard History To activate it.

That's all !

Use history

Once activated, the clipboard history is immediately operational. From now on, each new element copied with a usual method will be housed next to the others, without erasing them. Apparently, nothing changes: it is always the last copied element that will be pasted if you use the classic copy and paste.

Of course, to paste another memorized element, it is necessary to proceed differently.

Keep or delete items from the clipboard

As always, the contents of the Clipboard are automatically erased when the computer is turned off. But thanks to the history, it is possible to keep certain elements.

Finally, note that it is possible to share text stored in the Clipboard between several devices by activating synchronization in the settings.

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