Afreximbank: lightening the conditions for financing SMEs


Thus summarize the reactions of economic operators, this December 11 at the Hilton hotel, the opening news of headquarters, Central African Regional Office of this pan-African bank, soon to Yaounde.

Godefroy Kouokam Fopassi, Economic operator

This is an opportunity for local entrepreneurs. This complements the array of tools that already exist, encouraging entrepreneurs to explore the sub regional and regional market. In this sense, it is a very good initiative. On the other hand in the presentation of the solutions, one realizes, one will be a little more dependent on the commercial banks to be able to access the tools proposed by Afreximbank. It is already good that it is settling in, but there are still efforts to be made to ensure that the number of entrepreneurs benefits.

Elissan Mbang Ekotou, CEO of a company

We were surprised that local banks are already dealing with Afreximbank. We have also noticed that they have innovative products that support the export of our raw materials. They highlighted a component that could interest the world of start-ups, start-ups. They have formulas that can help entrepreneurs of local products to grow. For example, we have just returned from a mission to China where we presented the cassava Gari. The Chinese liked it so much that they asked me 100 thousand tons of this Gari. This is where Afreximbank can really support us. However, we wonder how it's going to be? How to obtain financing from local banks, especially for fragile SMEs?

Luc-Magloire Mbarga Atangana, Minister of Commerce

This business forum is interesting. It is a question of promoting the industrialization and development of SMEs. Afreximbank is timely as we are working on the implementation of Cameroon's Master Plan for Industrialization. We are also on the eve of the entry into force of the African Continental Free Trade Area. This is an incredible opportunity for the African continent. The steps Afreximbank is taking are the steps that will make Africa the world of tomorrow. It can produce in Cameroon and CFA, but can be sold in Zambia or Ethiopia.

Interview by @ Dieudonné Zra

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