Charging rape: Roman Polanski comes out of silence


Roman Polanski decided to fight back. For the first time since the accusations of the photographer and ex-model Valentine Monnier, he spoke in the columns of Paris-Match, found in newsstands on Thursday 12 December 2019, as reported BFMTV. The director also makes the front page of this issue. As a reminder, Valentine Monnier claims that she was raped by him during a stay in Gstaad (Switzerland), in 1975 when she was 18 years old. According to him, Roman Polanski would then have it “ beaten until surrendered "Then" raped by subjecting him to all the vicissitudes In his chalet.

« I obviously have no recollection of what she says, since it is false. I absolutely deny it", Assured the magazine Roman Polanski. " His face on the published photos tells me something, no more [...] It's easy to accuse when everything has been prescribed for decades, and when we are certain that there can be no legal proceedings to exonerate me", He added before telling thathe was sad for this woman. He is very angry at such accusations.

Roman Polanski comes out of silence to protect his wife and children

« It is delusional! I do not hit women! No doubt the charges of rape are no longer enough sensation, it was necessary to add a layer“, Roman Polanski still defends himself. If he has decided to break the silence, it is to protect his wife, Emmanuelle Seigner and her children. " It is for them that I speak; for me, I don't even hope to change the course of things anymore. They suffer enormously. They receive insults, threats on social networks. The children hide it to protect me, but I learn it by Emmanuelle", Explained again The movie director I accuse.

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