Ditch operator contracts and save $ 300 on an unlocked Galaxy S10 or S10 + from Amazon


The biggest hint that the devil ever made was to convince wireless subscribers in the United States that carrier contracts were a thing of the past. Yes, it is true that "service contracts" are no longer used ... but you always sign a contract every time you buy a mobile phone from your wireless carrier and make payments every month. You want to change operator? You no longer have to pay an ETF, but guess what: you still have to pay the balance on your phone because you are under contract! If you really want to give up the operators' contracts for good, you need to buy unlocked smartphones - and Amazon is currently organizing a terrific sale that saves 300 $ on the market. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 +, as well as 250 $ off the Galaxy S10e . However, we do not advise you to buy the S10e at a reduced price for 599,99 $ because the larger discount on the Galaxy S10 do it at the same price! It's a fantastic deal, and you can even use Amazon's service to split it into 5 monthly payments if you do not want to shell out all that money at the same time.

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